It’s Raining Moths

Word to the wise. Always check the front door before going to bed at night, lest your ceiling be covered in moths. This first week of routine has been good. Jerry’s meds are going good and his routine is going good. Every afternoon, when he goes out in the morning and comes home by two, then I take him upstairs for nap time. We’re in bed by ten.

Last night, he seemed pretty alert, so I mentioned that Montana dog needed her nightly walk. Jerry got up and went downstairs. (without the dog, of course) I told Montana to “go with daddy”. She did. They actually went for a walk. Leash and all! Ahhhhh, such little delights. When they came back, we went to bed. I was pooped from about 7 hours of “on my feet” painting, so I didn’t go down and check the front door.

This morning...well....should I say, “It’s raining moths.” Montana and I walked downstairs to a well lit foyer with the front door wide open and about 30 moths camping out on our ceiling.