What Day Is This?

I’ve been toying with the idea of making some sort of weekly calendar for years.  Jerry hasn’t known what day it was since.....I can’t remember.  Ha!  However, he always seems to know when Sunday is.  Hmmm.  Anyway, over the years we’ve tried pocket calendars, wall calendars, desk top calendars....I’ve picked up magnetic boards, white out boards, both large and small...toyed with the idea of laminated pictures for my fridge...you name it.  Nothing really seems to work.  So I gave up on the idea.  I figured if I could keep him happy every day..that’s really all that mattered. Well, today is a “new day”.  Ha, again!  I’ve thrown all my old ideas out the window (literally), and I’m trying again.  Not wanting my living room and kitchen to look like a preschool, I’ve decided to make up some sort of small calendar that shows only one day...TODAY.  I can flip over the day each night when we go to bed.  Jerry cannot process when tomorrow or the next day is, so today is really all that matters.  On this day board, which will not be big, I’ll place a laminated picture of who is coming to see him. (Robert, Bruce, Sarah or John).  Everyday when Jerry gets up he knows someone is coming.  Just not who and if I tell him their name...he still has no clue.  (Hey.  That rhymes.)  If I call Sarah, "the woman"...he knows.  Robert is called “big guy”, Bruce “best friend”, John is “guy who loves Montana”.

So.  Where do I put this little treasure?  There really is no wall in my kitchen or living room.  Seriously, I don’t want to hang it over my fireplace.  Putting it on my fridge might be a little cumbersome every time I open the fridge door (which is quite often.  grrr!)  So, hmmmm.  Where are we every day when we get up and every night when we go to bed?  THE BATHROOM.  (sometimes longer that I want to be.)  After all, we brush our teeth every morning.  We shave every morning.  Why not hang it on the wall by his sink in the bathroom?  It’ll be like his friends are saying good morning and good night every day.

Let’s see if this helps.  Let’s see if this makes any difference in Jerry’s world.  Let’s see if he remembers by the time he comes down the stairs.  Probably not.  But hey.  I’ll keep you posted.