Watching the Trough

In our master bedroom, we have one of those double doors with an arch at the top.   Every morning, the sun gradually wakes me up with its faint pink hues. By 8:00 it’s, well, sunshine yellow, almost white, with a laser beam burning right into my eyes.  (H-mm.  How can you stop....the sun from shining...let’s make the world go ‘round.  Isn’t that a song?)  Saint Bruce is coming today and I'm going to paint bunnies. Last night was the Super Bowl.  Nine of us gathered at my friend, Peg’s, house across the street.  No chicken fingers and Bud Light from her!  She had a spread to die for with perfectly placed platters of handmade appetizers and great wines lined up along the counter.  With just the right group of people, we gathered around chatting away and occasionally catching a glimpse of the game.

I kind of get all protective of Jerry when we are at social gatherings.  I want to make sure he doesn’t get his feelings hurt.  Even though he would never say anything (obviously), I can tell in his eyes when he’s feeling left out. ALSO, I have to make sure he doesn’t perform any social “fop-as". (even though everyone would understand.)  I always have to keep watch over him out of the corner of my eye.  Sure enough, I found him at the “trough” where he thought the entire spread was placed there just for him.  I mean he was diving into that luscious hot cream cheese dip as if it was all his. Containing my panic with a fake toothy grin, I discreetly walked over, fixed a small plate of goodies for him and encouraged him to sit at the sofa in front of the game.  No one noticed!  Whew! The other guys were all still chatting around the bar, but one by one they would come and enjoy the game by Jerry.  Such good men!

By the end of the night, the girls all huddled around the dining room table just snickering and chuckling away about the latest political scandals.  All we could say was “scuzzbuckets".  As I looked over toward the other room, I saw that the guys were all spaced out evenly in front of the TV, not saying a word, but engrossed in the game, "communicating” in their own way.     WHO WAS PLAYING ANYWAY?