Clear but Not Clear

Did I ever tell you guys that I’ve taken Jerry off of Namenda?  It seems that every time I tweak his medications he does a little better for a while.  Last Spring, I added Namenda to his daily regiment.  It helped for a couple of months.  But, as summer began to wind down, I felt he was really going down hill.  So, I decided to cut back on his medications, beginning with Namenda.  I think he’s more alert  now ...still confused....but a tad more clear. Does that make sense?  Guess not! Right now, I’m sitting with Jerry.  He’s eating a bagel, while I write.  I was thinking how I’ve got to get him to exercise and breath deep. He very rarely exerts himself.   So, I stopped my typing and said, “Let’s breath.  Let’s stretch”.  We rolled our shoulders ten times.  We reached to the ceiling and took a deep breathe.  Course I have to raise his arms up all the way, because he stops half way.  WE must do it together or it just won’t happen.  We look like a couple of OLD PEOPLE.  Hmmm.  That couldn’t be possible!

Since Jerry’s right arm isn’t exactly recognized by his brain, he usually keeps it in his pocket.  Yesterday, I noticed something.  When I place Jerry’s Aricept in his right hand, he forgets to put the pills in his mouth.  If I put them in his left hand, he remembers.  Here’s more.

On Sunday, he was anxious to get ready for church.  After getting out of the shower, he had his towel wrapped around his waist.  Then, he backed over to me.  I looked at him with “furrowed brow” and said, “What?  You want me to dry off your back?”  “Ok. (in piti talk...) you poor wittle thing.  I’ll dry off your back.”  He grinned with a sheepish grin (like he was getting away with something.)  We laughed. I dried.  Then, I turn around so he’d dry MY back.  He did the ole “pat the backside".  SUCH A MAN thing!  I don’t think this is what they mean by a “couples massage”.  Ha!  See,  I told you he was more clear.

Anyway,  he  went to the top shelf of his closet and pulled down his nice shoes and started to put them on.  Course, I reminded him that it might be helpful to put his clothes on first...starting with his underwear!  Then, he pointed to his nice yellow sports coat hanging in this closet.  We usually save that for special occasions.  Course, I suppose every day is a special occasion to him.  His attempts to dress were quite humorous that day.

It’s been a good day.  Sarah came.  I painted.  So, now it’s almost time to head up for bed.  Jerry  went up  hours ago.  Since “fall back” daylight savings time, he’s headed up earlier.  Far be it from me that I tell him it’s only 8:00.  The man needs his sleep ya know.