Big Guy!

I cannot blog without telling you about Robert, affectionately referred to as “Big Guy.” He calls me "Miss Sue". Robert has been with us for over a year and a half now.  He comes one day a week, faithfully.  Funny, when Montana first met Robert, she was not very happy about it.  Being the protector that she is, she barked like a maniac!  Now, when the truck pulls up, she runs to him to get her treat, jumps in the front seat and sits between he and Jerry.   Guess that means it’s a good thing. About 4 years ago, Robert and his dad were driving home, in the middle of the day, when a woman in another car drove across the center line and hit them head on.  His legs were crushed between the seat and the dashboard.  He lost both of them. He was 36.

The first time I met Robert, I was taken back when he got out of his truck. There he was,  this NFL linebacker of a guy, with no hesitation at all, standing on “stilts”. What an incredible inspiration he was and still is!  Together, he and Jerry walked a mile for exercise.  Occasionally, Robert takes Jerry to Camp LeJuene to see the helicopters and osprey.  He loves that because he has such respect for those who serve in our military.

[caption id="attachment_137" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Help!"][/caption]

Last Wednesday, they tried something new.  Jerry and Robert went to the Pork Market.  Robert, a country boy, loves fresh pork.   No grocery store bacon for him!  Ever heard of North Carolina Barbeque?

Pulled pork, shredded pork, pork ribs, pork sausage.... (Thus, my pig paintings. Poor pigs!)  I mean, Robert must have had 20 pounds of those sausage links in that bag of his.  He went on and on raving about how good it was and graciously gave us a pack.  He was right.  There’s no comparison.

I’m sure Robert never knew he would be in this position at this point in his life.  Neither did I.  But, I love to see how God orchestrates these things for good.

Hurray for Robert!  Hurray for “Big Guy!”