Remember the Detox?

Remember when I started the search, I went on sort of a “detox”?  I fasted “somewhat” from alcohol, sugar, junk foods, etc.  I wanted to get all the toxin outs so that I could think clearly....and, honestly, I lost my appetite.  WELL, at about 4:00 yesterday something happened.  I was hungry!   With a sudden burst of energy, I opened a bottle of cabernet and said, “Jerry, let’s go to the grocery store.”  We piled in the car, headed over the bridge, and I said, “What are you hungry for?”  No answer.  “Chinese?”  “Steak?"  No answer.  I grabbed a cart and we went in. Before I knew it, I had filled my cart with spinach, garlic, sweet potatoes, steaks, blueberries (for cobbler), whipping cream,  ice cream, and beer (for Jerry).  Oh yeah, and fritos.  (random!)  Guess it was time.