Back from my Coma

The ice on the pond is frozen solid and there are still remnants of snow on the ground.  Yesterday, Jerry and I walked Montana out to the beach and saw the most beautiful sunset; an array of blues down to yellows and orange, the purple horizon line, then turquoise out to the shoreline with a pop of orange on the sand.  Amazing! Our house has been like grand central station with occupational therapists,  physical therapists and companions coming in.  It took several days of craziness to get the schedule worked out, but it’s doing better.  Jerry likes everyone who is coming, however, he has no idea why they are coming.  Sometimes, I wonder why myself.  The diversion of seeing other people is a good thing and the women are so gentle and sweet.  The occupational therapist observed that not even one word commands work for Jerry because by the time the word is spoken to him, it is lost.  Of course, he made a liar out of me yesterday and showered all by himself while she was there.  Go figure!  Then, it took one hour for him to dress for her because she wanted to see if he could do it himself.  NOT!

She’s sending another girl out on Monday who is knowledgable on VA benefits.  Did I tell you that Jerry might be eligible for Aide and Attendance from the VA?  Oh!  What a relief!  If he qualifies, he should be getting some funding to go toward the cost of Homeplace.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

Somehow, I fell off a cliff the last few days and just couldn’t get up the words to write. I think I’ve been in a coma. I’m back now.   Whenever I get cold feet about sending Jerry, I receive confirmation that I need to stay the course.  It’s pretty weird.  About two days ago, my friend, Rose, was up in New Bern for an eye appointment.  While she was sitting in the waiting room, she noticed a van drive up.  Three elderly people got out and were ushered into the doctor by an aide.  The words on the side of the van were HOMEPLACE.  She watched at how gentle and positive the aide was to her people.  One of them said, “We don’t know what we would do with out our helper.”  Rose couldn’t wait to get home to tell me.  How random was that?  My friend "just happened” to be at same New Bern eye doctor on the day that the Homeplace people were there.  Too cool.  I thanked her for that.

There’s a lot more to write about, but the words just aren’t coming.   We’ll have to wait for another day.  Talk to you soon.  Kiss Kiss