Dog Gone Mad!

The sun’s up. [caption id="attachment_160" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="need my coffee"][/caption]

The dog barked all night.  She sleeps on the bottom floor by the door where she can see every varmint that comes into the yard.  Montana is a little out of sorts and has been a tad hyper running in circles, in and out of the house, and barking for attention.  I think I know why.

Jack came for a couple of hours yesterday while I was at my art lesson.  Jerry seemed a bit confused when I got home, wondering where I had been.  I figured I’d reassure him by making us a pan of brownies for a special treat.  Chocolate solves everything, ya know.  His two favorite things are chocolate and ice cream.

To save me from myself, I packaged up the leftover brownies in a Tupperware container and a small sandwich bag, then, lined them up against the back edge of the counter along with the twisted up the bag of chocolate chips.  Shortly after, we headed upstairs to take a little nap.  (Jerry loves it when I nap with him.)  With Jerry still sleeping, I snuck off the bed and went downstairs. I noticed Montana sheepishly laying with her head under the coffee table in the living room. As I walked by, I said, “Hey there, Montana.”   She didn’t move her body, just her eyes as they followed me across the room, then they focused on a crumpled up yellow bag of chocolate chip morsels. EMPTY!  THAT DOG! “Montana!  What have you done?”

Montana had never had table food in her entire life and therefore had no clue what was in the kitchen.  Then, it dawned on me.  At dinner time, Jerry’s been sneaking little bites to her.  You know, like a kid who doesn’t like their vegetables.  That’s why Montana knew what was on that counter!  So, when I approached the kitchen, I saw a beautifully clean counter top.  No trace of brownies anywhere.  I mean, she stole ALL of those brownies without even moving the containers.  How did she do that?

I think she’ll stay outside for awhile.