Two acts of "I Love You"

Ok guys....this killed me.  Remember the footsteps I heard this morning?  I finished the blog and went up the stairs.  There came Jerry, straight towards me, arms held out saying, “I love you.”  I thought I would die.  I wrapped my arms around him, told him, “I love you, too.”  then thanked him for saying that.  I haven’t heard those words in ages upon ages.  Burying my head in his chest, my eyes started watering, but I didn’t want him to see.  Then, he proceeded to try to pick me up.  WHOA!  (He would have needed a crane!) I hugged him once again, but realized he wasn’t consumed with emotion like I was, so I excused myself to go upstairs and get my cell phone charger.  Once upstairs, I balled like a baby, collected myself, then went back down again. SO MUCH FOR MY BIG TALKING "MOVING ON" SPEECH.

Once again, I received confirmation.  This is just TOO MUCH.  About an hour later, my phone rang.  Now, earlier this morning, while gathering some linens and things, I looked upward and  said a little “thank you” for providing that chair.  Then, I sheepishly whispered, “Do you think you could provide a bed?”  Last night I had been surfing the internet looking for sales on double beds.  Man, they are expensive!  Ok...ring, ring, the phone rang.  It was my neighbor across the street.  She had read the blog yesterday.  She said, “You know, this morning I came down stairs and saw this double bed in our downstairs bedroom.  We never use that bed.  It was as if God said, 'That bed is Jerry’s.’ You have to take it”.  I nearly fell out!  She offered, not only the bed, but the headboard and linens.  I just can’t get over it.

It’s as if, so much good is happening, that I can’t even process it all.  I just keep moving forward, step by step, and things happen.