Seven Inches of Snow

If I had any doubt about being able to do this much longer, it was erased yesterday.  With people coming at all hours every day to “play” with Jerry, the days have been totally manageable.  Just to have the interaction from others brightens his day and gives us a little break from each other.  I mean...face it....even healthy couples need a break from each other now and then.  Anyway, today will be the second day of being housebound with no company.  Yikes! It was exciting yesterday morning, because the snow was beginning to fall, but the JV’s (Jerry volunteers) had called to meet us at the furniture store.  They wanted Jerry to try out his new chair.  There were two stores.  The chair at the first store was way too small.  We thought it would work, but "too tall" Jerry made the chair look like a matchbox chair.  So we checked that one off the list and headed to the next store.  When we arrived, there were two beautiful couples waiting to give Jerry a hug and usher him to the first chair to try.  His bright toothy grin lit up the room when he sat  as everyone sat around to watch.  That one was really nice.  They had several chairs for him to try out, so we all marched on over to the second chair.  Now, this one was the winner.  Jerry sat in this beautiful maroon leather chair and it wrapped itself around him as if to say....."I’m yours.”  There was no doubt...unless we wanted to be all stupid and worry about what color leather we wanted.  DUH!  Such trivial details.  Anyway, when asked if he liked this one better than the last one...he had no recollection of the last one.  This one was it!

Funny.  Once the decision was made, we were excused.

When we left the building the snow was coming down hard, so we quickly went to the grocery store, then headed home.  As the day dragged on, I ran out of things to entertain Jerry with.  We watched a movie on netflix TV, then I tried to occupy him with a basketball game.  There was no sitting down for him.  Thank heavens the blizzard out the window kept him entertained.  He kept looking out and saying, “Do you see that?”  After the 42nd “Do you see that?”  We folded laundry and  I made another attempt at TV.  Nope.  I begged, “Please.  Let’s just sit down and enjoy a movie.”  Poor thing, just couldn’t even see the TV.  He would just sit and stare at ME.

Once 9:00 came, I couldn’t wait to crawl into bed.  Sleep would be good.

Today will be another snow day, however, the sun is shining bright and a walk on the beach seems in order.  We’ll wrap baggies around our feet and slip our shoes on. (Hmmm. I wonder if I’ve got baggies big enough.  We’ll try the gallon size.)   (Remember doing that as a kid?)  It is gorgeous outside.   Remember that song.....”How can you mend, a broken heart?  How can you stop the rain from pouring down? How can you stop...the sun from shining?  What makes the world go-0 ‘round?

I’d better get outside...quick!