Today’s the Day

In a few minutes everyone will be waking up.  Just wanted to write while there was still so much quiet.  The sun is bright and shining, once again.  A new day is upon us as if to say it’s a new beginning. All my children are here.  The girls came in last night.  Mark and I had been trying our best to engage with Jerry, but after hours of very little response, we were just barely hanging on and anxious for some new energy to come into the room.  Just in the nick of time, Amanda and Katie arrived refreshed and happy for the reunion.  It was the first time it has been just the five of us in years.  I took Jerry to bed after a few minutes, then we finished the night with some beautiful bonding. I listened while they laughed over childhood memories.  It warmed my heart.

Today is check in day.  I am praying that God is steps in front of us the entire way.  A couple of our dear friends have already moved in Jerry’s things and put his clothes in the drawers.  What a act of love!  All that is left is to move in the bed, make it up nice and pretty, and hang some pictures.  Mark, Robert and I will be doing that while the girls keep Jerry occupied.  Then we’ll all meet up at Homeplace.

Tears will flow, I’m sure, but the tears have already been flowing over the years.  The decline has been obvious, but we’ve all been trying to hang on as long as we could.  The time is right.  The time is now.    I confident of this very thing, that God’s protection and supernatural peace will be over Jerry during this transition.  He has promised us that we will leave us or forsake us.  There is peace in knowing that.