Relief in Routine

Won’t blah blah blog forever, but just wanted to say that I couldn’t stay away today.  Jerry was at the center of my mind.  During the forty five minute drive to New Bern, I was weepy.  Missing him.  Used my daughter as a sounding board....poor girl.   Anyway, it was good to get it out BEFORE I showed up. When I walk into the memory unit, nurse Renee was there to meet me.  I could see Jerry behind her in the activity room.  She gave me a hug and said to the other nurse, “Wait until you see his response when he sees her.  What a love story!”  Right at that moment, he saw me. With outstretched arms and the wails of tears he wrapped his arms around me, then became excited for everyone to know that I was his wife.  Smiling, he’d  point to me, as if to say, “she’s mine.”  Once in his room, we  plopped on the bed and began to visit.  I could tell that he was wondering how long this would last and did I want it this way.  He was kind of hinting at why it was taking so long, how I got there and what he could do.  I reinforced that I miss him so much just like he missed me,  then hung some home made valentines from the grandkids on his picture.

After a little while, I could see that he was getting more comfortable so I took him outside to see a surprise visitor.  Montana, his dog, was waiting in the car.  They were so happy to see each other, yet, took up with each other as if it were routine.  In fact, the whole visit was becoming so “routine” that I took Jerry out for ice cream.  We had a date! In fact, it was almost like “normal” and after about an hour on the town, he was ready to come his new home.   Secure that I would come back soon, he seemed fine with my leaving.  What a relief!  What a good man!