A Day in the Life

Jerry watched basketball games all day long.  Those games were a great "Jerry" sitter.  I used to despise  "game day" in our younger years.  Jerry was a complete sports fanatic and watched every  sport known to mankind.  He was especially enthusiastic about Alabama.  Roll Tide!  Now I live for sports.  Since Jerry is unable to do much on his own, he’s content and still in his element watching Alabama football or Carolina basketball.   He's happy.  I'm happy. Today, I decided to update my website.  www.suescoggins.com.  For an old person, it was quite a challenge to update the website.  However, I really want to be a "cool" old person and be "techie saavy”.  Sometimes, I think I’m the one who’s got the brain challenge going on.  Anyway, my son, designed my website months ago so all I have to do is take good pictures and update it when I’ve got a new painting.

Painting is a total escape for me.  I figure if we’re going to be housebound, we’d better do things we are passionate about.  Jerry loves to watch and comes down to my studio to check on me.  He’s actually got a good eye, so I solicit his opinion whenever I can get it.  He can seem to spot where there needs to be more color, or where I’ve got something wacky going on.  Then, he goes back up and sits with the dog.

It’s been a good day.