The Last Post

During the  year of writing this journal, I have discovered the joys of writing.  More than that, I have discovered the treasures of knowing so many caring people around the world.  It’s  been a great renewal of belief in the goodness of mankind.   Your comments  have helped me and have helped others who read them.   Too many people are experiencing the trials of this disease.  I read in a recent survey that the greatest health fear among people today is getting cancer, number one, and getting Alzheimer disease, number two.  The last 12 years of living in Alzheimer world have been an indescribable and unbelievable ride.  Before the age of 45, I was totally clueless about Alzheimers and the mental, emotional, and financial hardship that it brings.  It has been a time of renewal and deepening our relationship with God. Do I wish that we never had to experience this?  Of course.  It grieves me when I hear anyone experiencing this type of loss. I just received a message from a friend in New Zealand.  This is what she said.

"Grief (for you have lost something/something has died) is so painful - something to live through like sludge.  You are so special and Jerry is so special - I hope you see rainbows every now and then before the sun comes out in full and shines and shines.”
The years have been good.  They could have been so much worse.    I just hope and pray that whenever you meet anyone who is experiencing Alzheimer disease, you will now be able to somewhat relate and then minister to them.  I am hoping that these writings have given you a better understanding. I am hoping that no longer will people devalue or avoid those coping with this illness.  I’m hoping that those who have read this will be able to give a warm little smile and remember that even the slightest thoughtful thing can “make the day” of an Alzheimer caregiver.
I hope these writings have brought humor as well as tears.  (Remember the water hose?)  And, most of all, I am hoping that strength, provided by our loving Heavenly Father, has shown through even the darkest days.
I am keeping the blog up indefinitely.  Just like a good book, it can be picked up and read at any time.  And if you ever know of anyone who would like to contact me, I’d consider it a privilege to hear from them.  So for now, I am saying toodle doo.  I love you and I thank you for being you.
Sue Scoggins