Amazing Week of Giving - an Alzheimer Journey

The plane landed on Monday morning.  It was the beginning of a great week of fundraising for caregivers.  Wednesday was a gathering of beautiful women who had just begun the Alzheimer journey.  Each time I hear of a new member of the “club”, I weep because I know what lies ahead.  My oldest daughter has taken on the challenge of organizing these women and I was privileged to be a part of the the “SENIOR” .  After all, they were all in their 30’s or young 40’s and have all of a sudden been given this opportunity to care.

These beautiful women must have been devinely appointed.  Many had never met, but somehow heard by word of mouth that there was going to be a gathering.  Several had lost their dads in the past year and were now the sole caregivers of their mom, while shouldering the responsibility of raising their own young children. I heard one young woman, who was an only child, devastatingly overwhelmed at what to do, not wanting to place her mom in a facility, but completely exhausted in desperation. Another was a single mom, who had lost her husband from brain cancer, and now had her mom living with her.  Another's mom was in such denial, yet, the daughter was completely wrecked with the demands of caring for her.

What began as a nice little meet and greet, soon became a safe place to laugh and cry.  And by the end, they were all offering advise and support to carry each other.  The ANGELS were there.

Funds for Caregivers

What happens when the money runs out?

I was recently told of a gentleman who had to sell he and his wife’s  weddings rings in order to pay for his wife’s care.  The financial burden is overwhelming to the point of desperation.  This week we hosted an art sale and fundraiser to benefit the North Carolina Alzheimer Association.  Funds  go directly to assist caregivers in financial need.  The turn out was humbling and the funds raised brought me to tears.

Many came to buy art, many came to buy clothes, but all came to provide support.  What beautiful and generous people.

Thank you.