Coolest of Beans!

When we entered the doors of Jerry’s place today, I could hear the voices singing.  Peeking through the activity room window,  I  saw a room full.  Many times, due to his condition, Jerry is not able to attend the worship fest.  But there he was, sitting in the middle of the row of elderly women.  (Since he’s so young, he’s everyone’s son.)   He wasn’t exactly singing, but he was moving his lips a little.  The two women on either side were though. I  snuck in the back of the room.  “Victory in Jesus, my savior forever”...was being belted out.  The room was packed.  Today was Monday.  Church was at 1:30.

This home is not  specified as a  “Christian” place.  But, the local Baptist church comes once a week.  Every Monday.  The songs were perfect.  Upbeat, lively, and true to the heart.

After church, Jerry and I went to the living room and just sat. Jerry was pumped up a bit.  We even went out for a bit of frozen yogart.  It was another good day.