Hot Water

This morning, Jerry and I had an early day.  Jack was coming to get Jerry at 9am and I needed to get to Bible study.  I overslept and woke up at 7:45.  The reason I say overslept was that I hadn’t done my homework and needed to have time to cram it in.  Yikes!  I managed to get most of it done in record time (wish I had done it right), however, it made me all stressed and in a rush to get us both dressed by nine. At 8:30, I went upstairs to wake up Jerry.  I turned on the shower because it definitely was time for Jerry to get cleaned up.  Now, it’s not a good idea to rush a dementia patient.  It definitely will try your patience. (ha!  Get it?  Patient/patience) Anyway, Jerry doesn’t “rush” well.  I led him into the shower and he stood there and grumbled, “Help me.”  I knew what it was.  The water was too hot.  Now, I stepped over there with toothbrush in hand, and turned down the water.  No problem.  THEN, he said, “You ALWAYS do that.”  I’m sorry but it really hit a nerve.  I mean, I don’t mind serving Jerry, at all, in fact, I’m totally at peace with it.  BUT HE”D BETTER BE APPRECIATIVE!

Have you ever felt that way, women?  I mean, the kids and the husbands sometimes are so demanding and unaware of what you do for them.  I simple “thank you” and a hug would be so nice.  Of course, I just had to show my Christianity and blurt out something like:  “you’d better be thankful I didn’t turn it to cold!”  I mean I do everything from putting his toothpaste on his toothbrush, to shaving, to buttoning his shirts...etc.  He didn’t get it.  Grrr.  Then, I continued to put my makeup on and had to look in the mirror.  Oooooo!  My attitude needed a little adjusting.

Once Jerry got out, I was finished with my lickety split self readiness, and proceeded to help Jerry.  I had picked out his clothes and now needed to help get them on.  If you’ve never had the experience, I thought I’d tell you that getting someone dressed is pretty “up close and personal”.  When you get that close you realize how sick the person really is.  You can look into their eyes.  Then, all pride, anger and frustration melts away.  At least, for me, that’s what happens.  As I pulled his shirt over his head and saw his face, I was glad I didn’t say anything more hurtful the “cold water” statement.  Now, all I could say, was “I love you”.