Two Phones

A real quickie. It was another rainy day in the EI, so Jerry and I were watching the results of the health care bill on TV while drinking our coffee.  I was talking to a friend on the phone to see what time he was coming to meet up with Jerry, when the other phone rang.  Jerry reached over to get it and I said, "Wait.  I can't talk on two phones."  Montana was at my feet wondering what all the "flutter" was about.  I continued on my phone, Jerry continued to answer the house phone.  Course, he didn't say "hello."  He just clicked it on.  He handed it to me...I was right in the middle of  a sentence.  I handed it back to him.  (Poor person on the other phone.)  Right then, Jerry looked down at Montana.  She looked up at him.  He leaned over and handed the phone to her.  SUCH A GOOD DOG!