Ups and Downs

Man!  These posts go up and down more than a horse on a merry-go- round.  When I write at night, I am melancholy.  When I write in the morning, I am excited and funny.  I must exhaust you guys!

That's one of the challenges of this caregiving thing.  In order to keep emotions in check, I've got to distance myself.  Yet, Jerry IS my best friend and my soulmate, so I can't just treat him like any old person.  We've stuck it out through thick and thin, and he deserves to be cared for and respected by me.

Yesterday was a really nice day.  Some sassy gals from our church were getting together for lunch at this really nice restaurant.  They passed around a sign up sheet and I signed up, but added a note, "need a mansitter".  Yippi!  One of the hubbies agreed to take Jerry so I could join the girls.  Now, that's the way it should be done.  Richard, did a great job.  I know it was probably out of his comfort zone, but when Jerry came back it took all his effort to get the words out, "he's....." then tapped on his chest.."so nice".  Jerry really liked Richard and sensed his sincerity.  Sniff!   I love it when I see sincere men.  They are the manliest of men.  The best!

I took a few minutes to wrap up a few paintings that I'm getting ready to show, and when I went upstairs, Jerry was completely enveloped in the covers of the bed.  Bittersweet but fast asleep.