Mother's Day

For a Mother's Day gift to my girls, I got this whim to paint their babies. Ive  always "grrrrd" about Mother's Day, because I always had my hopes up that I would be recognized by my hubby as a good mother. I'm not his mother. Right? Anyway, Jerry is so precious and faithful on a daily basis, but he was never a "special occasion" kind a guy. What's up with all of us trying to keep up with those unrealistic expectations that are initiated by Hallmark! I have yet to experience a Mother's day without some sort of emotional disaster.   I'm totally over it now. Funny, I remember the first year we were married. It was Valentine's Day and I was a "dreaming" wife. Jerry didn't even realize that it was Valentine's Day. I nagged that poor man so badly, that he bolted out of the house MAD. About 30 minutes later he bolted right back in the door of our little two bedroom apartment holding a bunch of cut roses, shoved them in my face and said, "HERE!". He had gone to his mother's house and cut them off of her bushes. I realized then that I did NOT marry a "romantic". Ah! Such silly things we sometimes get mad about. A lot of time has passed since then. 38 years.

I'm usually a day late and a dollar short for most everything and quite often miss opportunities. But, I just finished these little rascals. All four of them.

Let me introduce to you:

Baby Mac, Fletcher, Granville, and baby Charlie.

Have a wonderful Mother's day to all you selfless and devoted mothers!