Adult ADD - that's ME

I am the most ADD thing. For example. This morning at 7:00, I sat down at my kitchen table to read my emails and update the blog. I came across a friend who had some prayer requests. Her phone number was at the bottom. So, I looked over into the living room and retrieved my phone off the end table to see if her number was in my contact list. While I was over getting my phone, I noticed my empty cup of coffee and decided to pour a refill which somehow brought me to a jar that I had in the trash. I pulled the jar out, thinking, hmmmm, this would be a good jar to keep my brushes in. Then I saw a bigger jar under the sink that had bacon grease in it. Yuck! I thought..."no, this would a better jar". So, I put the smaller jar away for recycling, and washed the larger jar. For some reason, the locket around my neck swung into my view. This is the locket that my dad gave my mom in WWII. So, I thought, while I'm up, I'll grab the old photo album to find teeny weeny pictures of my parents to put in the locket. I went over to get the album, brought it back to the table, picked up my coffee and my phone and sat down to finish the emails. Now, let's see if her number is in my phone. No wonder Jerry's confused. Thank heavens he's not awake yet.