Short Term Memory Loss - What Does That Mean?

Before I became a member of the Alzheimer community I just couldn't understand what short term memory loss was. I mean, how can someone not remember what just happened. I just didn't get it. Now, I get it! I've seen Jerry not remember why he's holding a toothbrush or what to do with the spit that is in his mouth. Seriously! I've seen him stand in front of a toilet and not know why he's there. Unbelievable, but true. An Alzheimer person literally loses a memory in a split second. To top it off, you never know when that memory is going to go. There are actually times (very rare) when Jerry can actually remember to dry himself off after a shower, pull the right drawer open, and pull out the right underwear. Well, blow me away! There are actually occasions when he comes down fully clothed. Get a calendar! There are actually times when he can tell me which way to turn when going to a friend's house. Stop the presses!

Of course, those times can never be depended upon. Just as soon as you think the brain is goes off. It's like a bedside table lamp with the switch broken. Sometimes it lights up and sometimes it doesn't.

We had a pretty good day today. Went to church then to our usual lunch with friends. Happy Howard sat next to Jerry at the restaurant and made sure Jerry's grouper was cut in bite sized pieces then Jerry picked up the uncut half and ate it with his fingers. No one seemed to mind. If anything, we were more concerned when Jerry started eating his tarter sauce with his fork. When we got home, we took about a two hour nap. After all, isn't that what Sunday is for?

The only time that the monster in me tried to rear it's ugly head was when I went outside to clean my car. It was so disgusting and major wipe down. Jerry followed me out and wanted to help. The monster inside of me was thinking, "Sure, some help you'll be." DON"T WORRY, IT WAS JUST A THOUGHT. I had already vacuumed the back, so I suggested he vacuum the back. (get it?) It never happened. I was cool with that. BUT HE WASN"T. He went inside and pouted. I suppose he was upset that he couldn't remember what he was suppose to vacuum. I decided to keep windexing the windows and leave him alone. No joke, he managed to turn the thing on, but was vacuuming the floor of the carport. Frankly, I didn't care as long as he felt productive. He kept vacuuming the concrete. All was good. Next thing I knew, he was gone.

The thoughts in my head were not to complain or nag. I kept beating the thoughts back down in my those gophers that you keeping beating down in the ground that they keep popping up somewhere else. Remember that game?

Anyway, everything passed and the day moved on. We finished the night with a movie. Jerry wanted to watch The Titanic. Remember that movie? Don't know what part of his memory bank he pulled that one from......but I could watch it a million times and be engrossed every time. Good pick. Good night.