Ya Gotta Laugh

It’s been a good day. Jerry woke up with a glazed look and kept it for over an hour. However, once we got the breakfast and shower in, he began to clear up. After his shower, I told him that it was just the two of us again. "Ohhhhh :(" You know...I'm just not enough....he wants a visitor every day. Humph! Anyway, I told him I needed to "make some money" and that I needed to paint for just a little while, but that I had a project for him. I collected the coins that he had in a jar on his dresser and put them on the kitchen table. "It's like a puzzle." I said. "What I'd like for you to do is stack them." He seemed to like the idea. So, I put the timer on one hour and went down stairs. (I turned on the history channel, too.) He actually let me paint for almost an hour! Yippi!

After that, we went to have lunch, then grocery shopping. He was actually pretty alert at lunch. In fact, he even said a complete sentence and ate his entire grouper sandwich. WIth both hands! Once lunch was over, we headed to the grocery store. Here's what was funny. The bagger bagged his chicken pot pies and handed them to Jerry to put in the cart. Jerry held on to them. Then as the bagger began to fill the cart with bags of groceries, Jerry would take them out and put them on the counter. I had to chuckle. Smiling, the bagger said, "Somedays, I do that too when I'm not paying attention." Then, Jerry drove the cart right through the checkout line.

A good morning is more than I could ask for. Warm fuzzies abound. Time for his nap. Talk to you tomorrow.