Today was the absolute best day. Jerry went out with Robert. He couldn't wait! While he was out, I went with two artist girlfriends to breakfast. Yippi! Blueberry pancakes! After breakfast, we painted ...yep, you heard it...we painted. It was so cool to turn on some hip hop music and paint. Thank heavens, no one was looking because we three women hipped and hopped with paint brushes in our hands. I love being old! When 2:00 came around it was time for Robert to bring Jerry home. I had him bring Jerry to Rose's house. Jerry loves his Rosie. We turned on the history channel and fluffed up some pillows and Jerry was ready for his nap. What made it so perfect was that her little doggie Bella, curled up right beside him. They slept for about two hours. How good was that!

Two paintings and a glass of wine later, we came home and to my surprise there were flowers waiting for me from Christine Smith, an old friend from my working days. What a sweet surprise! It even had chocolate! Oh dear GOD! Chocolate! The message was. "Here's a great big hug and a lifetime of GOOD days!"

I am so blessed....blessed beyond words. So blessed to have such thoughtful friends who stick by us. It's more than I deserve.