Get Out the Kleenex

Kids,You how hard things are getting with your dad's decline, and everything in the world falling apart. ...air conditioners to golf carts to beach chairs to wine glasses. (funny)

I've got to tell you about the compassion we experienced today.

Over the weekend, the golf cart died. Dave, you left it parked in the driveway and today we waited for Paul, our golf cart guy to show up. We've used Paul for 10 years. At 9:00 my friend, called and said, "can I come and see you and Jerry. If its not a good time, just tell me.....but I'm on my way over." I laughed and said, "I always love when you come. Hurry up.” She had just finished a palates class, so I offered her a glass of water. We sat at the kitchen table and she gently conversed with your dad. He tried so hard to talk to her. It was so sweet. A few minutes later, the dog started barking and I saw Paul walking up our driveway. She said, "I'm going to let you go. You've got to stick to your schedule." So we all walked down together. Paul had her blocked in. So we all talked to him about the cart. The fuse had completely melted because of a bad charger. (He had replaced the switch in the old charger in July.) Anyway, he said, he'd take the cart to his shop, put in a new fuse, and try out a new charger to make sure that was the problem. A new charger would be $$$ and a new fuse would be $$$. Or, I could just trade it in. Melting, myself, I could envision the $$$ signs. We would just live without a cart.

So, Paul left and would be back to pick it up. Immediately my friend, took my hand and your dad's. She said, "Lord, thank you for your provision. We love you and we thank you." Then we hugged and she left.

After dad and I ran our errands, I could see he was completely exhausted. I took him upstairs to bed. Then I heard the dog again. There was Paul, driving up with "Bessie" on his truck. Then he came to the door. He said, "It's all been taken care of". "You are so loved." That's all he would say. We now have new batteries, a brand new shiny top of the line charger, new fuses, a completely tuned up golf cart. I can't get over, obviously, my friend’s generosity. I'm overwhelmed and, of course, crying.


This was the note that I sent my kids today after I experienced the most undeserving and generous act of kindness. Our old golf cart carries Jerry and our grandchildren to watch the deer and has become a part of our family. I know it’s an indulgence, but it was just one more thing to go wrong. I am overwhelmed at the goodness of so many people and if I were not going through this experience with Jerry, I may not have seen this kind of outpouring of love. I really can’t write anymore, because I get too choked up. I wanted you all to know.