What Relief!

Jerry just rode away with his new “JV”. That’s what I’m calling Jerry’s new volunteer group... the Jerry Volunteers. I can’t tell you the relief I feel. Last night the first couple called to confirm the details. He’s going to breakfast with our church “seniors” group. I’ve met a few of these “seniors”. They are a hoot and have so much fun. The “JV” couple has briefed them that Jerry is coming and she said they are anxious to meet him. The breakfast is buffet. Hope Jerry doesn’t just think the table is there for him! Let’s keep our fingers crossed. After breakfast, he’s being taken for a ride to the marine base nearby. He’ll love that.

I feel like a mom who’s getting her kid ready for his first day of school. He is full of anticipation. Jerry was sitting in the chair next to me when the JV called last night. When I hung up, I told him friends were coming to pick him up in the morning. His face was so lit up you would have thought Santa was coming! It was all I could do to keep him from getting dressed right then and there. Going with the flow of that, I suggested WE go get a shower and shave so that we wouldn’t have to do it in the morning. I couldn’t help but get a little melancholy while watching him shower. My big 6’4 handsome man all shrunken down and skinny, trying to rinse his hair. Sniff! Then, I figured he’d better get to bed early so that he would be rested for his big day. Sort of like getting your kid ready for his first day of school. Nine o’clock, all clean, jammie bottoms on and under the covers.. (Now for those of you who sleep “nudie”....his jammies don’t have feet in them.....they are just boxers.)

I set the alarm for 6:00, so I could take Montana out before getting Jerry up. Once we got home, I said, “Ok. Montana, go wake up Jerry.” Like a good cattle dog, she darted up the stairs and jumped on the bed, nudging him with his nose. Jerry covers his head with the covers, but it doesn’t stop her from doing her job. Once I arrived, I snapped my fingers and she hopped off and stood at attention by my side. She’d done her job!

When the JV arrived, I guided Jerry down the stairs and the JV greeted him with a smile. “Good morning, Jerry. I’m Bill. We’ve met at church. Would you like some breakfast?" He held out his arm and said, "You can hold on if you’d like.” He ushered Jerry to his truck and pulled out the seatbelt to assist in buckling him in. Then Bill handed me his card so I’d have his number. It read, America’s Volunteer Lifesavers across the top. United States Coast Guard, Vice Flotilla Commander.

Such a relief! The school bus door has closed and he’s off.