Follow Up

Since I was in such a state of frustration in my last post, I thought I would follow up with a few more comments.  First of all, I am not going to go postal....although there are times when I can understand that level of frustration.  Second of all, I am not interested in becoming political.  Unfortunately, too many people spout out their opinions in a political fashion but really do not know the facts.  People seem to be eager to jump on the bandwagon on both sides and believe every slanderous thing about the "other" side.  Nope!  I"m not going there.

One thing that this Alzheimer journey has taught me is that no one entity can be the answer.  Not government, not churches, (yes, I said the "church")  not insurance companies, and so on.  All of these things are man made organizations that are businesses.  They all must have rules and boundaries and budgets. Some are run very poorly and some are run with relatively good success.  AND, I definitely do not believe that kindness, generosity and sacrifice can be mandated.  So, if it looks like I've lost faith in institutions and politicians.....I HAVE....because their motives are not always pure.   From this journey, I've realized that I can depend on NO ONE person or entity.   You can, however, buy a painting though. (ha!)


Here's what's positive!  What I have discovered is the delight in seeing how God moves in the hearts of men (those who believe and those who don't).  People who you would least expect.  People who were chosen by God to meet a need.  I've seen His provision on a day to day basis and often kick myself when I waste my time in angst.  From the friend who essentially rebuilt my retaining wall with his bare hands (and an excavator), to the latest act of kindness.  ...a surprise of utmost thoughtfulness...when I was handed a beautifully framed shadow box with my old used pallet suspended in it.  Awe....let's say it in unison....AWE......and I've seen answers that have come when I thought I had left no stone unturned.

What I've learned?  To depend on Jesus's example of love, service and sacrifice.  In the Old Testament, God gives two commandments.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your strength. (Deut 6.5) and Love your neighbor as yourself. (Lev. 18.19)  Centuries later in the New Testament, Jesus follows up with his demonstration of that love by taking on the life of a servant to the point of the ultimate sacrifice.  (Phil 2).  His walk on this earth was not about large corporations, nor government institutions, entitlements, nor the "business" of church.  His walk was about living a life of humility, simplicity and loving servanthood, then to pass it on to the next generation.  It was to provide the ultimate sacrifice so that we would see the HOPE of one day residing in the presence of a Holy God.   That is why I can rejoice in Jerry's future!

CAN YOU IMAGINE A CULTURE THAT LIVES BY THIS EXAMPLE????  Service and sacrifice that is from the heart?  What a wonderful world it would be!  That's a song, isn't it?