Our Dog Montana

If there is anything that Jerry can still do..it's hold a ball.  Oh...that the football and baseball fanatic in him should ever go. Well, it has....but the ball sense hasn't.  In fact, when we cannot connect, I often put a ball in his hand or toss it to him and he will catch it.  


On occasion I take along, our dog, Montana.  When she eagerly jumps into the "way back" of the car, she knows exactly where we are going. To see Jerry!  Montana is the most obedient dog I've ever had and takes her protective role very seriously.  She will scare the "P" out of somebody with her bark until she approves.  She has never forgotten her loyalty to Jerry.  We adopted her at a gas station on  Rte 66 on our last cross country road trip 5 years ago.  Since I knew our traveling days were over, having a companion for him seemed like a good thing to do.

When Jerry and I approach the back of the car, Montana patiently waits until I lower the window or open the door.  Jerry is very slow to respond but, patiently, she sniffs him and gently leans toward him as he touches her fur.  She looks at me the entire time as if she knows that her job is to see that he is alright.  Once I give her "the nod" she goes off to patrol the yard of the facility.  Such a good dog, she is.  "The ball?" you ask.  Well, since there is no telling what direction or how far this ball will go, it's a good thing that Montana will fetch too.  "Fetch, Montana! Go get the ball!"