We are on our deck, savoring the old time country music and also savoring a little wine. At first I was a little “ashamed” that I was partaking of too much “libation”. But, to tell you the truth, the treasures of these relationships are beyond measure. We are tasting the fabulous combination of spinach, avocado and garlic. We are grilling steaks for frajitas and the dog is loving the attentiion she is getting from the long strokes on her head. The snaps from Jerry’s fingers are reminders of the music from his soul. I told Mark, “this is pathetic”. he said. " Are you kidding me?” “This is what it’s all about.” Memories. Feelings. Togetherness.

He’s so right. Who cares what society says! It’s all about the fabric of the soul. Whatever! It is made up of and whatever we can savor and extend. Jerry doesn’t care about what society thinks. He’s so happy when his music is playing. We are so happy seeing him happy. It’s the bliss of the here and now. I’m watching Mark and Jerry dance in the kitchen. It’s the hear and now. It’s the Texas swing. It takes a worried man to sing a worried song. We’re all singing now. Singing together. So many people don’t have that.

It’s been a good night.