Drama! Drama! Drama!

I’ve not written in a few days, because I was in Raleigh taking my son to the airport. We spent a couple of days with our daughters before he left. As we hugged, with teary eyes, I gently pushed him away and said, “Don’t look back. Don't look back”. Then, I scooted Jerry into his seat in the car and drove off. The mommie in me wanted to run back and hang on. Jerry wept for most of the morning. Man! When you love so much, it hurts so bad to say goodbye. Anyway, I can’t “go there” again. Today is another day and we must move on. Besides, the drama of family is so intense. I don’t know how my son-in-laws handle it. Do you think all families are this intense? Feelings regarding a kid on the other side of the world and not being a part of the family and care. You know, realistically, we all can’t live in a live covey together. We always encouraged our kids to “fly”, “the world is their oyster” so to speak and make their way in the world. Course, that was BEFORE their dad came down with Alzheimers at an early age. AND....when they move so far away, the family becomes distant and resentful... I DON”T LIKE IT!

Moving on, we are now back in the beautiful Emerald Isle. I’m going to focus on two things. One, finding a nanny. Two, getting started on the “leap frog” paintings for the pediatric dentist office. The paintings will be a blast and I’m already envisioning tons of fun characters in the Arctic. Can’t you just see two penguins helping a walrus leap over another penguin? Can’t you just see the look on those faces. I’m still working on the singing walrus.

Bruce will be coming today. Painting will be later. For now, it’s oatmeal time. Life will be good today.