What’s Happened?

I just don’t get it. Jerry has had such a good week. I don’t know what has happened, but he’s actually been “with me”. Now, don’t get too excited. He’s not “normal”, he’s just “with me”. That means, he’s not on another planet somewhere. He has been calm. He has dressed himself. Well, almost. Well, actually, I was in the room handing him his clothes. But, hey! He didn’t put his underwear on backwards.

He ate his food, without me coaxing him. He took the trash downstairs. Well, it didn’t make it to the trash can, but it DID make it to the bottom floor. Hey! He’s had a positive attitude. I can hardly handle it. Could it be the routine?

But wait! MAYBE IT’S ME!

I’ve had a better attitude. We had a tropical storm and it kept us content being indoors. I had John come today. (My mail nanny.) I call him my cabin boy. It’s just a joke...really. He and Jerry hung together and John changed all my burned out lightbulbs in the carport and throughout the house. Yippi! One less thing for me to do...and now, I can actually see when I go outside at night. The tropical storm caused leaks in the living room and two bedrooms. What a mess. But, hey! Insurance will pay for the repairs. I’m excited.

I’m interviewing my female nanny tomorrow. I think she’s going to work out fine. That will be John and Sarah with one day each. Never had help like this before in my life. I could get use to this.