Cabana Boys Make the Best Nannies

Several folks have been asking about the nanny progress. How I got one? Did I go through an agency? How hard was it to find a match? All of these are great questions.

It took several years. In fact, it took several years, before that, for me to even warm up the idea that I needed someone to help me. You know...I AM WOMAN. I CAN DO ANYTHING!...good ole Helen Ready. Once I realized I was losing my own mind, I slowly got help. In fact, it took a while for me to even find my had been left on the back seat of my car with all the screwdrivers, empty water bottles, calendars, and junk. (that was a joke.)

Every time I would run into a road block, I would give up and become WOMAN again. It tooks weeks of research to find out that there was no insurance and government help on payment of companion services accept Veterans Administration. The VA allotted somewhere around 30 days per year. I was so excited. Problem was that the help that they sent out was “less than motivated”. I think they were looking for someone to watch TV with. Once I realized I was going to have to find the right match myself and pay for it myself, I slowly spread the word. I interviewed several people, but I just didn’t have a good feeling about it. FINALLY, I found Robert! What a perfect match. Sharp! Very much a caregiving spirit. And Jerry bonded immediately.  They are best friends.  I’ve had Robert one day a week for about 3 years now. Robert is the one who takes Jerry to all his favorite places.  Then, came John. John was first found through a private pay senior care companion company. He was another perfect match and I claim him now to be my big brother and cabana boy.

For now, I’ve decided to stick with the cabana boy (male nanny).  John is now coming two days a week.  I’ve budgeted for 10 hours a week.  Yesterday, he stayed for 6 hours, today, he’ll stay for 4.  Yesterday, I was so excited to get out of the house for that long.  Can’t believe I did it.  Usually, when I have John come in, I have  appointments or “stuff” I need to do.  This time I had nothing.  I was going to stay and paint but I was burned out.  So, I just got in the car and drove...with no agenda.  IT WAS SO FABULOUS!

Before I knew it I was in TJMAXX.  Oh my!  What a dangerous place.  Last time I was in TJMAXX I had Jerry by my side...this one.  I filled that cart up THREE times with things to try on.  It was so high I needed flashing red lights.  Course, then I got carried away and found that I had been there for 3 hours!  Can you believe that!

When I got home, CB (cabana boy) was sitting on the front porch swing with Jerry and Montana dog.  Jerry was being a grumpa lump.  He does that sometimes when I’m gone too long.  Nonetheless, John had vacuumed the upstairs, cleaned all my vents in the ceiling....WITH A TOOTHBRUSH and still had a smile on his face.

For me, it paid NOT to settle, but to find the right match.  Jerry’s comfortable and I’m SPOILED.  What more could I ask for!  A martini?