Pied Piper

Walked for a while on this gorgeous fall morning.  We got in last night from delivering baby Mac.  Reminiscing over the weekend, I envisioned how baby Mac and Jerry would follow me around the house.  I was down in my daughter’s basement where she had set up a playroom.  Jerry and Mac were down there.  I told said to them both, “Wait right here.  I’ve got to go get something upstairs.  I’ll be right back.”  I got up and bounded up the stairs hoping to be up and back before they managed to follow me.  But, half way up the stairs, I looked back and there they stood, looking up at me with their big eyes, eagerly following in my tracks.  At first, I started to say, “No, hold on" ....but they looked so cute I couldn’t stand it.  So, I said, “Come on.” Then that song came into my head...”Come on, babe. Can’t you see, I’m the Pied Piper. Follow me, I’m the pied piper......”  Remember that song from seventies?

It’s really takes so little to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Today, I’m trying to finish the website and finish the paintings for the pediatric dental office.  I’m about done with the penguins who are singing in the rain.  They were fun to do.  Must admit...the arctic characters playing leapfrog were a bit of a challenge and they can just stay in antarctica as far as I’m concerned.  I’m definitely ready to move on.

I’m so excited to be going on a girls trip in a couple of weeks.  We are all painters and we’ll be painting plein eire for three days.   Three days!  Girls with a paint brush in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.  "Let the good times roll! " (I stole that line.)   I’m already packing my art supplies (in my head).  It will the first time I’ve left Jerry overnight since this journey began.  Well, no....I went to a painting workshop for 2 days about 3 years ago.  My daughter, Katie is coming to stay for the three days.  I’ll keep the “visitors” coming so she won’t have a breakdown.  I’m so grateful and can feel the stress beginning to roll down off my shoulders.