I’m Mac and I’m Two

Ok.  I really must have sounded depressed on the last post.  I guess it was just “one of those days.”  It’s to be expected and I would be delusional to think “those days” aren’t going to happen from time to time.  Anyone who says they don’t  have them, is LYING!  This too shall pass and tomorrow’s mercies will come again.  Thanks for all your sweet and encouraging comments.

In fact, Monday, we drove up to Raleigh to pick up our baby McCauley.   He’s the youngest son of my oldest daughter.  “I’m Mac and I’m two.  You’re five.” he says to me.  How could I not laugh at that!  He’s just like a big soft pillow with an easy personality and we absolutely must snuggle when we  watch Toy Story. It couldn’t get any better than that.  Jerry’s done pretty well with Mac.  In spite of his “awe, come one.”  In fact, I caught the two of them wrestling together.  Well, sort of.  Actually, Jerry was sitting in his chair and McCauley was crawling over his back.  I guess you could call that wrestling.  Besides, they sat beside each other on the bar stools and sipped their spaghetti noodles together.  Good deal.

Monday, before we left, I interviewed a little gal for a nanny position.  She did pretty well with Jerry...why I think he even broke out in a smile....(almost).  Since she’s a dog lover, she had a brilliant idea of training the dog to help Jerry.  Of course, that’s what made him smile...anyone who loves his doggie must be a great person!  It’s ME, who doesn’t pass the test on that one.  Actually, I totally love Montana....I just don’t love her fur so I make her stay outside most of the time.  That makes me the “bad girl”.  Never mind that I’m the one who feeds her, plays with her, and picks up her poop. Anyway, Jerry should like his new friend.  She certainly seems flexible and very comfortable with him and I don’t think he’ll be a grump-a-lump with her. She’s too sweet.

It’s 1:30am.  I’m watching those miners being brought up the surface.  What a miracle!  MIRACLES REALLY DO HAPPEN!  While waiting for the first miner, I spent time redoing my website.  I looks totally different.  Please take a look.  www.suescoggins.com.  I think I like it....’cept I can’t figure out how to get my name on the home page.  (minor detail)  Oh well...tomorrow’s another day.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m still living.  Course, if I don’t get to bed, I won’t be living for long.  Baby Mac will be up early and he’ll be ready to go find the deer.  It our tradition.  Can’t let anything get in the way of that.  Thanks again for your sweet words.  Nighty nighty.