Zippity doo dah.  Zippity aye, my oh my what a wonderful day!   What’s come over me.  Only two more days to go before I fly the coup!!!   Three days of painting.  I can hardly stand it.  A little sinus thingie is trying to creap in..but oh no!  Not this time!  I haven’t told Jerry I’m leaving, yet.  He’d get all in a huff (what’s new).  So I figured I’d just wait until Monday morning.  In fact, I may not even tell him at all.  His buddy Bruce is picking him up early and our daughter Katie will be here when they get home.  I think I’ll play it by ear. Jerry and I are watching the Titanic.....for the umpteenth time.  Now those folks had a bit of back luck!  People say I’ve had some pretty bad luck...but I’d say not .  At least not like going down with the ship.  In fact, I think things are pretty good.  Uh Oh.....there’s “what’s her name", about to jump off the back of the ship.  Little did she know that the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio was about to swoon her off her feet.  If she had jumped....she wouldn’t have met that  hunky little guy.  One email buddy, said she would have stuck her head in an oven if she found out her house was falling into a “pristene lagoon.”  Well, no landslide is going to make me jump off a bridge or put my head in an oven.  I’VE GOT A LOT OF CANVASES to PAINT!!!!  Besides, who knows what great things are in store “tomorrow”.

Like I said, I’ve been fighting a little sinus infection.  Boo!  Now, I’m the type who never goes to the doctor and who doesn’t like to be coddled.  Jerry, on the other hand, will milk it to death....illness, that is.  So, when he sees me feeling “under” he tries to coddle.  I mean he’s been following me around and wanting to stroke and pat me.  GOD HELP ME!  (where’s that oven!)  I keep telling him that he can’t get near me...he must stay at least three feet away....even more would be better.    Once he got that figured out,  we did pretty well.  I kept reminding him to take the dog out..over and over and over again.  Once in a while they made it out the door.  You see, we live in an upside down beach house, where the living room is upstairs but the front door is down stairs.  Most of the time, Jerry can’t find the front door.  It’s really kind of funny how many times he turns around before he finds it.

Once he gets out of the house, he manages to walk a little way and Montana always brings him back ..all the way up to the living room.  Such a good dog.  Oh yeah, sometimes, Jerry comes in the house and shuts the door right in Montana’s face.  Then he comes up and waves his if...he can’t find her.  When we go back down, there she is...waiting at the door.  Cracks me up every time.

Rose and Jack are dancing an irish jig now down in steerage.  That’s what I’m going to be doing in LESS than two days.  34 hours, 23 minutes and counting.