One Down, 49 to Go!

Thank, GOD, I got another commission.  Only 49 to go! You’s enough to make one go ballistic.  You pay for private health insurance...they don’t pay for in home respite care.  You pay for government medicare, they don’t pay for respite care.  You pay for private homeowners insurance, they don’t pay for failing retaining walls.  You look for government disaster relief due to hurricanes...they don’t pay for retaining walls.  It just confirms to me that you have to be self sufficient with no expectations from ANYONE...even when you’ve paid for it!  Where’s my island!


I just remembered that the husband of a good friend, builds pools.  Pools require retaining walls.  Are you beginning to see the train of thought?  I told Joe what the engineer had said and the ballpark cost of the new wall.  Joe said, “My God, Sue.  You’re don’t need the Taj Mahal!  I’ll be out there to look in the morning.”  After Joe had been here for about an hour surveying the situation,  he put his arm around me and said, “Poor thing.”  JOE!  I DIDN”T NEED TO HEAR THAT!

Actually, he came up with some options that wouldn’t cost as much.  Jerry stood by and listened. ( Jerry thinks Joe hung the moon and always smiles when he’s around.)  It seems, since my property has government designated wetlands on it, it is going to take an act of congress to do any work.  Now, congress has always been known to act fast, right?  NOT!  Joe seems to know all the right people.  He knows the person who authorizes everything.   You know, we must protect that little varmint in that “pristine lagoon" of mine.  Let me tell you...I am the biggest lover of nature....but NOT WHEN MY HOUSE IS FALLING INTO IT!

Seriously, this is all going to work out.  In the grand scheme of things, it is NOT ETERNAL, and this is just another obstacle in life to hurdle over.  Besides, living in my car is looking better and better all the time.

In the meantime, keep sending in those painting requests.  My brush is anxious to paint for you.

By the way.  it needs to stop raining.

PS.  This is Bailey.  She’s a Christmas present for someone.