Back Again

Yes, we are both still living after Friday’s bad day.  Was it the 13th or something?     Friends  have said that I was blessed with a long fuse...meaning that it takes a long time for me to come to the point of a melt down.  But melt downs reduce me to the point of total surrender and it takes a couple of days to regain my emotional and mental energy.  Saturday, I took Jerry to New Bern to pick up a large canvas.  I felt it was important to reassure him that things were fine.  So, I employed him as my canvas carrier and he liked that.  Then, I braved it and I found a quiet “out of the way” table at a nice restaurant for lunch.  (there weren’t any cheese spreaders anywhere around.)  The rest of the weekend was REALLY low key.  ALAS, it’s Monday and  we’re back in our routine again.

Just wanted to you see the rest of the cows.    These cows don’t have a care in the world; romping around on the open range. The process begins with a rough underpainting .  No drawing.  Just sketching with paint....over and over and over and over until it’s finished.  Sounds like a day in the life of a caregiver.