A Little Chuckle

Today, I gave Robert a grocery list.  Figure that would give he and Jerry something to do while they were out.  Besides...I hate to go grocery shopping.  Hate to see the bill.  So, figured it would be less painful if they went, they paid, and I would just see the $$ come out of my bank account.  I had about 20 things on the list.  Speghetti, cascade, coffee creamer, Gatorade,  salt, pepper, rice...and so on. When Robert came back. we stood out on the driveway and talked for a while.  We’d hand Jerry a bag of groceries and direct him to take it upstairs.  One by one, Jerry would take the bags upstairs, disappear, then come back down again.  After, about 15 minutes of chatter, Robert left.   Jerry and I walked upstairs and into the foyer.  There before my eyes were all the groceries.  Each item placed  carefully on the floor in the foyer.   It was so cute.