Must Say..

John came yesterday and Jerry did really well.  You know...these dementia people...they do have more inside that head than we give them credit for.  Jerry knew that he had been a “pill” the week before.  Believe me, all week long, I kept coaching him to “be nice” to John.  He would say, “I can do better.”  So, better he did.  Before John was to arrive, Jerry kept looking out the window and pacing, waiting for him to come.  I knew he wanted to make amends. I know Jerry’s heart.  It is good.  His eyes say how deep and compassionate he is.  Yet, his mind, sometimes doesn’t let him be that person.  At times, he’s still a manipulative little thing.  At times, he can’t get up or down the stairs.  But, other times, he knows just what he’s doing.  Like, last night after he ate.  He took his plate into the kitchen, rinsed it off and placed it on the counter. I can’t figure it out.  I just roll with it.

While Jerry was out, my friend, Shannon, came over.  Shannon is my little friend who’s been battling breast cancer.  Just an update.  Her cancer is gone!  She has had two surgeries, completed her chemo, lost all her gorgeous locks of chestnut hair, her eyelashes and eye brows, and is now about to complete her radiation treatments.  I am so happy to say that her courageous battle has been a wonderful testimony.  She is truly an amazing young woman with a beautiful spirit.

Yesterday was her 39th birthday !  Her fuzzy little head feels just like a new puppy.  Her eyebrows and eyelashes are back and now, she’s ready to paint! She “thinks” I can teach her.  Ha!  Anyway, we painted all day.  Oh, what comfort.  What delight.  There’s nothing like painting to allow for “soul” talk.  Sometimes, there’s silence.  Sometimes, there’s spiritual talk.  Sometimes, there’s singing.  Sometimes, there’s dancing.  (with brush in hand, of course.)

Towards the end, Jerry came home and I introduced him to Shannon, AGAIN.  He saw her tiny little self and her bald head, and took her hand.  Her smile radiated genuine happiness to meet him.  His eyes radiated compassion.  It was LOVE at first sight.