Perfect Weekend

We spent the weekend up in Raleigh with our kids.  It was a last minute “jump into the car” ride when we found out our grandson and his dad were going to be  in the Thanksgiving parade.  The day was cool and crisp; and the trees were all decked out in their hues of yellows, oranges and reds. Our daughter had her two little ones and I had my big one.  Things got just a tad challenging when the little ones and the big one trailed behind as we wove through the crowds.  Jerry kept trying to squeeze between a wall and a light pole with a folding chair strapped on his back.  He just couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t get through, nor how to solve the problem.  After a few attempts and a line of people waiting to get through, we managed to put down all the gear and get the chair off his back and lead him on through the crowd.  Once there, we were all delighted to see miles of high school bands, clowns, and horse brigades carrying flags.  Jerry got all teary and sentimental and, as long as he could keep his hand on me, he loved it.

Sunday morning we visited our old church.  We snuck  down one of the side aisles and sat up front where we always use to sit.   His decline was pretty obvious, I’m sure, as we struggled to get him to a seat.   There are 18 years of memories in that church so it’s  always an emotional day when we go.  Our old pastor, who was a kindred spirit of Jerry’s for years, caught a glimpse of Jerry and they both broke into a huge smile.  But,  as the service went on,  I was reminded of the fact that there is nothing more wonderful than worshipping and experiencing the peace that comes from it.  It makes me realize that it doesn’t matter where I live or where I am in life or what road I am on; the only thing that really matters to me is that I am in the presence of God.  It’s the peace that is beyond understanding.