Well, didn’t  write yesterday because I was a little miffed.  The day with Rose went great.  Took her to her appointments, then, of course, we had to do a little shopping. Grammie’s got to give the babies something for Christmas, ya know.   I was nervous about being away from Jerry that long. When I called John, he said that they were doing fine.  They were watching an old WWII movie.  Since we were running a little late (4:00), Joe, Rose’s husband, said he’s take Jerry home with him, where we would meet and have dinner.  Jerry loves Joe and Joe is the miracle worker that is saving my retaining wall.  Joe’s been over at our house for two weeks now.  We all figured Jerry would be ok with that.  Joe was even going to take Montana.  WELL!  It didn’t work quite as planned.  When Joe got Jerry, Montana wouldn’t get in the car.  That made Jerry upset and worried and began a “grrr” cycle.   Joe put Montana back in the house, and they left.  When they got to their house, I was not there.  Ooooooo!  Mistake number two.  Jerry said, “Where’s Sue?”  Joe told him that we were at the grocery store getting food for dinner.  Jerry so sweetly responded, “BULL SHIT.”

Whoa!  Jerry hasn’t spouted out a cuss word since he was in his thirties.  Nor has Joe ever seen Jerry mad.  He tried to calm Jerry down, but Joe told me later that Jerry actually walked out the door and was “going home.”  Now, let me say that “home” is about 8 miles away.  It took a little coaxing but Joe got him back in the house.  Rose and I arrived a few minutes later and boy was Jerry mad.  He didn’t yell or anything, but his eyes could have burned a whole through a steel wall.  No matter how much Rose and I tried to “lovie” all over him....he was as cold as steel.  At me, of course.  Now, let me tell you something about myself.  I DON”T DO ANGER VERY WELL.  ESPECIALLY WHEN EVERYONE IS BENDING OVER BACKWARDS TO BE NICE.

Me, being human, after the lovie stuff didn’t work, just walked on over to help Joe peel potatoes.  In my snippy little voice, I said,  "Well, if you want to be mad....go ahead.”   Joe said.....”Now, come on, let’s be nice.  Let’s be nice.”  Anyway, after Joe got the dinner in the oven, he hopped on over to his sunroom and said, “Come on over here, let’s watch the sunset.”  IT WAS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.  I tapped the cushion on the seat next to me and encouraged Jerry to sit by me.  He did.  We all got engrossed in the colors as they changed while the sun went down.  Whew!  Finally, he was beginning to calm down.  It was only his angst over Montana that remained.

Once we started eating, things were better.  I really enjoyed it.  These guys are funny and can lighten up my heart pretty easily.  Course, the aftermath was when we got home. That’s when it all came out.  Now, I didn’t fuss at Jerry at all.  Honest!  But, after I got him in bed, I went down stairs and balled my eyes out.  For the first time, I crawled into another bed.  I told myself I could do this anymore.  Still balling,  I got my computer and was going to start looking up resources again.  But, when I opened the lid to my computer,  up popped my screensaver that was a photo of Jerry and I leaning our heads together, happy, and smiling.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Thus the night went on.

So, there ya have it.  The cycle of the Sue and Jerry once again.  It took a day for me to recover, but we’ve moved on.  Jerry’s still sleeping this morning, so I’m writing you.  It will be a good day.  Remember those morning mercies.