Dancing to Bollywood....that was me this morning.  Remember the belly dancing vision? Well, yesterday I was about to give up.  Jerry left but a migraine came.  (Thank goodness, for him, that he was spared.)  I spent the whole time, while he was gone, with a coverlet over my head.  I’ve not had migraines in years.  The last one sent me to the emergency room about 10 years ago.   I could feel it coming on for the past few days.  It hit yesterday.  Last night , I was about to throw in the towel.  AGAIN!  I can’t do this anymore!  We went to bed at 7:30!  I mean, Judge Judy hadn’t even given her verdict yet!  Poor Jerry.  What do I do?

BUT, you know those morning mercies!  I got up, feeling well rested but like I had been hit by a truck.  I went down stairs,  put Montana out and made the coffee.  When I came back up, I remembered that CORE exercise program.  I figured...”I WILL SURVIVE” I turned on FIT TV.  (By the way, I hate TV.)  The CORE program was just going off so all I did was  the stretching.  Tee!  Hee!  Then those Bollywood belly dancers came on.  I figured no one was looking, so I joined them.  I really liked it and all my muscles woke up....all that swaying, tapping, and shimmying.  I could feel the stress shimmying right out of my body.  It’s going to be good day... I just know it.  All I need now are my ankle bracelets and toe rings.

Today, I’m taking a friend of mine for some appointments.  She’s started having seizures and can’t drive.  Last night I broke the news to Jerry that John is coming.  He worried about it until we went to bed.  Jerry is getting very anxious again about us being apart.  He’s much more confused now and I think he realizes it at times.  It’s making him fearful that I won’t be able to handle it and that I will put him in a facility.  He’s scared to death of that.  Unfortunately, that may happen, but I hope not.  I just wish I could instill confidence in him that I’m here for him.  That might ease his anxiety and enable him to be less clingy.  This morning, I am going to give him  half of an anit-anxiety medication.  He’s exhibited some anti-John behaviors in the I’m hoping this will help.  I’ve written a note to remind Jerry of what I am doing.  It reads, “I’m taking Rose to the doctor.”  I’m hoping with that little piece of paper, it will help him to relax.  He really likes Rose and would want me to help her.

So, on to the rest of the day.  Keep your fingers crossed.