Things have been pretty uneventful the past few days.  Of course, I say that, not even considering the fact that the workers bees are still swarming all over the house.  In fact, the kitchen is all sectioned off with plastic and the yard looks like a mine field.  We’ve had a steady flow of onlookers wondering what in the world has happened to our yard.  In fact, the sight of a couple of 8x8 beams holding up the side of the house, looks a little precarious. Like I said, things are pretty uneventful.  The reason I say that is because Jerry and I are both just wandering around the house waiting and watching.  Jerry’s been exhibiting a little frustration at my talking to all the worker men and he’s also getting a tad “grrred” when I tell him what to do.  But, what’s a girl suppose to do?  The fact that I was trying to keep him from going out of the house, when he was suppose to go upstairs and take a nap.....the fact that no one has came to take him out today....the fact, that I am preoccupied just a tad with the bulldozers, chains, and cracking lumber......these things don’t exactly make him happy.

My commissions are coming close to being finished.  Only have 2 more to do before Christmas.  For some reason, I’ve avoided the studio like the plague.  Just can’t seem to get myself in the “zone”.   Actually, I find it a little difficult to separate the patient and the painting.  He’d rather sit on the stairs and watch me paint  than sit in a chair and watch a movie. I’m sure he would be fine, but he’s just so restless.  OH, WHAT THE HECK!   I AM TOTALLY LYING!  Jerry has "left the building” and keeps babbling “phrases” to which I respond "What are you talking about?”  He’s like a walking suduko that I am trying to figure out.  The time change has also thrown him for a loop because it’s dark at 6:00 and he thinks it’s time for bed.

ANYWAY, I won’t bore you with any more trivial details.  We all have challenges and “IT”S NOT ALL ABOUT ME....OR JERRY.”   So, I’ll say “ta ta” for today.  Hope you are all getting “wrapped up” for Christmas.  HAHAHA!  Did you get that?