So Many Thoughts

You know this Alzheimer/dementia thing is so uncanny. This morning, we slept in a little.  The lazy, homebody, side of me said, “Awe.  We don’t need to go to  church.  Everyone will think we’re in Raleigh.  Jerry won’t even know.”  Then, the “do what is right” side of me said, “Jerry, today is Sunday.  Do you want to go to church.?”  From under the covers, he cheered, “Yeah!”  I new he’d say that!   Ok.  So I’ve always appreciated the fact that he gets me out of the house...even in the midst of dementia.  The morning went rather frustratingly.  (is there such a word?)  I started the shower and he put ON his clothes.  I took them off but he walked AWAY from the water.  After the shower, I handed him some nice corduroy pants and asked him to put them on.  They were HUGE.  He’s lost 30 pounds.  Off came the pants.  I handed him another pair that worked just fine.  Then, I handed him a beautiful blue starched shirt.  The shirt went on.  The pants came off.  "No!  Put the pants back on.”  I went back in the closet to figure out what I was going to wear.  I was afraid to leave him, because no telling what I would find when I returned.  When I returned, I found him with two shoes on and one sock.  “What are you doing, you silly thing?”  Take off your shoes.  You need two socks.  He started to take off his pants again.  “Jerry.  You are going to kill me.  Keep your pants, let me take off your shoes.”  We got them off and I handed him a nice PAIR of socks.  Then, I went back into the closet.  When I returned, he had on two socks alright, but they were different socks.  Now...why did he do that?  Come to find sock had a hole in it.  He knew enough that he didn’t want to wear the one with the hole in it...went and got another sock....put it on.

Needless to say, we didn’t make it to the service.  We were late, so I asked him if he wanted to go to the late service or to class.  I knew he would say class because it is smaller and intimate and all his friends make a big “to-do” over him.  (He’s a social guy, ya know.) Plus, the teacher is great and Jerry can actually follow him.  (sort of.)   Being the “recluse” that I am, I just wanted to be anonymous and go to the worship service.   He won.  I took him to class where he was greeted with smiles and hugs.  It perks him up like you wouldn’t believe.  He was right.  It was the best thing.

When we got home, we ate lunch that I picked up from the grocery store.  He picked out a chicken pot pie and I got him some side veggies.  I placed everything on a plate for him and had the extras set aside.  He ate from the “aside” plate.  Not the pot pie.  Ya know, he holds his fork different now.  He holds it between the tips of his thumb and his first finger.  There is no grip, therefore, the food falls off.  It takes him forever to eat.  That’s why he’s thin and I’m  not.

You know, he really knows a lot.  He knew he didn’t want “holy” socks.  Ha!  He knew the best place for us at church today.  He knows how to stay thin.

That’s enough random thoughts for the day.