In Raleigh

On Saturday, we came up to Raleigh upon the request of my son-in-law.  He’s opening a new dental practice and is in the throws of last minute decisions.  It’s crunch time and the furnishings aren’t in yet and he’s still got lots to do.  I was privileged to be asked to help.  What fun...spending someone else’s money!  Besides, we get to hold baby Charlie, who has mastered the words “PAPA” when he sees Jerry. This week, we’ll get sitters.  One for the little kid and one for the big kid.  Actually, there is a really good day care up here.  I’ve broken the news, very gently, to Jerry that he gets to go visit his “ole” twin friends and help “volunteer”.  He seemed to be ok with it.  (Actually, I don’t think he knows what I was talking about.)  However, I plan to keep reminding him, gently again, that WE are going.  Once placed, my daughter and I will get to go office shopping.  What a blast!

Today, I’m delivering a couple of paintings to clients.  Yippi, again!  I feel like I’m being productive.  Ahhhhhh, it feels so good to be productive and growing.  I must admit that this little glimpse of normalcy is refreshing.  As a caregiver, I get so caught up in “caregiving” that I forget what it’s like to walk with vigor, breathe deep, and experience accomplishments.  Many times, the biggest accomplishment of the day is getting Jerry’s shirt buttoned.  Sometimes, I think it might be better for me to be in Raleigh.  Jerry would be in daycare and I would be able to bring a little bit of normalcy into my life.  That would mean saying goodbye to our friends in Emerald Isle.  Saying “good bye” ONCE AGAIN!

We’ll see what happens.  Only God knows.