Still Processing

The thought of moving Jerry is still a huge reservation for me.  I mean moving him to Raleigh, just to go to a daycare...just to avoid a full time facility.  Taking him away from the friends he has now and life as he knows it, I think, will send him into a tailspin.  A tailspin will surely send him into a full time place. Last night, we had dinner with our friends, Bruce and Nancy.  Remember Nancy went with me to look at places.  Bruce is the SAINT who volunteers every Monday to “hang” with Jerry.  No one knows Jerry better that Bruce.  (accept Robert)  Last night was just like any other time with another couple.  Everyone was comfortable, funny, and Jerry was in his confused but “with it”  state.  Bruce knows just how to direct him.  We were opening presents and Jerry was coaxed into the living room to open his.  Perfectly simple gifts.  While Jerry didn’t know what to do with the packages, Bruce kept coaxing him to open them.  A white chocolate candy bar.  That was the perfect present for him?  Then he got  open another.  It became a cute project to watch him open the second and the third.  The second being another chocolate candy bar.   Jerry can’t have too much chocolate, you know.

My mouth was running ninety miles a minute.  Bruce knows how to ask questions of me that set me off and running on a 15 minute trail of chatter.  Jerry delighted in the whole evening.

Now, how can I take him away from that !

We’re doing a day trip down to Southport today to check on the gallery.