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This has been happening a lot lately.  Waking up at 3:30am , I mean.  I’ve discovered that it’s better for me to come blog and put my thoughts down on “paper” than to have them running around in my head.  It amazes me how the brain works (or does not work). Tonight, one of my friend’s from Chapel Hill called to check on me.  You know how girls are, sometimes.....a bit silly.  She is now “nurse Ratchet” caring for her husband who is recovering from hip surgery and was resting under the comfort of her new electric blanket.   She seemed relieved to hear my voice, that I wasn’t all downtrodden and tired, but was upbeat.  Whew!  I told her that I had begun a “fasting/detox” regimen so that my mind would be clear while I was in this decision making process.  However, as we talked, I would run out of breath in the middle of a syllable.  I told her since I wasn’t taking my allergy medications that now I am wheezing.  We began laughing so hard and talking so funny about how my detox was making me sick.  Go figure!

While researching tonight, I decided to check out Hospice services.  I never really knew that much about hospice but had only heard good and wonderful things about it.  Early last year, a hospice representative came to my house and presented information.  At the time, I decided that Jerry was not ready for that.  Tonight’s internet perusing brought me to several websites that I’d like to share with you.  I wish I had known about these in the earlier in the earlier Alzheimer days.

1.     This website provides a plethora of information on mental and emotional health, family relationships, healthful living, and seniors and aging.  The senior/aging menu takes you to caregiving and housing, caregiver burnout, respite, end of life and much more.  More helpful information than one can read in one night.

2.  The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.  Click on Learn about End of Life Care.  This will take you to Caring Connections.  Under caring connections is more than you’ll ever want to know about safety, organization, decision making, quality of life, more and more again.

I didn’t realize that Hospice can be a business for profit or nonprofit.  I’m a little sketchy about the “profit” ones.  So, I’ve found the only non-profit hospice in our county is through our local hospital.  On their website it shows that Alzheimers is included under covered diseases.  There IS that question of the “less than 6 months to live”, however, the last agent said that we did qualify as long as Jerry was not improving.  I’ll check that out tomorrow.

3.   Check out their caregiver resource center.  Read about “Loving dad until the end.  AND  Lessons in Love and Loss.  CBS News Corespondent Barry Peterson’s story on his journey, caring for his wife with Early Onset Alzheimer disease.  There is also a “Prepare to Care” planning guide to download for family and friends.

4.  This website is sponsored by the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living.  It offers information regarding advanced preparation, coping with transition, paying for long term care and additional resources.

Well, that’s enough for today.  Is it morning yet?  Nope, it’s still dark outside.  Maybe I can get another hour of sleep in before I get up.

PS.  Notice there has not been any painting lately.  I desperately need to.