Real Quick

Jerry and John just left the house a few minutes ago.  Today is the first day I’ve had to myself  in my own house in weeks.  I’m just all giddy about it! I am officially taking the day off of researching and blogging.  (Accept this one.)

Just a quick bit of good news.  After getting Jerry dressed this morning, I was feeling a bit tired.  ALREADY.  (remember, I was writing the previous blog at 3:30am.)  Jerry was fairly perky, so I asked, “Jerry, how would you feel if I brought someone in to get you showered and dressed everyday?” I reminded him that his brother, Jimmy, had someone in to get his mother bathed and dressed.  Jerry, said, “I guess so.”  I tried not to get TOO EXCITED, but calmly asked, “Do you want a girl or a guy?  I know, if you it’s a girl, you want it to be a pretty one.”  He didn’t get it.  Anyway, I asked, “Does it matter to you if it’s a girl or a guy?”  He said, “no.”

SO YIPPI!  I know he won’t remember the conversation, but I will gently remind him from time to time.

I’m taking this as a YES.  YES!  YES!