The Way It Should Work

Ok guys!  Today was another good day.  I’d say doable. Sarah, Jerry’s little helper, came  and I stayed here too.  I wrote out a  schedule that was similar to the adult daycare schedule.  Example:  10:00 exercise , 11:00 game time, 12:00 lunch  1:00 wrap presents, 2:00 nap  3:00 walk dog, etc.  At 11:00 the physical therapy assessment was done by Home Healthcare, so Sarah took part in all the events that were happening.  I wanted her to observe so that she could continue the routine on the days that the therapists do not come.  It worked great.  At times Jerry just had one person, Sarah.  At times, he had three.  We yinged and yanged perfectly all day.  Ha!

I was able to go in and out and up and down, getting bills paid, portraits finished, and even a couple of Christmas presents done.  Jerry stayed pretty much with Sarah.  I WAS HAPPY.  I told Sarah...."now this is the way it should be done.  This is the way a full time nanny should work.”  Only, Sarah only comes one day a week.

Speaking of nanny, thus “child”.  Robert reminded me the other day that Jerry was like a child.  You moms out there....remember when you had all those little ones running around?  Every time you tried to wash a dish or open the refrigerator door, that little kiddo was hanging on to your leg. You’d open the dishwasher and a baby would crawl right into it.   I’d get them all settled playing, and as soon as I went in the other room, they came tagging along.  Why I remember locking the bathroom door several times just to take a bath.  WELL, HELLOOOOO!  That’s exactly how Jerry is.  (accept he’s not running...he’s shuffling.)

Keeping that in mind has really helped my psyche.  Instead of being in denial and expecting Jerry to respond “normally”,I am reminded of how he’s not cognizant of what he is doing.  Just a child.  Just a child.  Just a thought.  By the way, I FINALLY FINISHED FULLER.

His mommie is pleased.  Whew!