When blog began, it was story about love, challenges, and endurance all wrapped up with a little humor.  At the end of a year’s writing, 206 posts to be exact, it’s not funny anymore.  I’ve tried to find some humor in all of this, but at this particular stage, it’s hard to get on that side of it.  I’m sure, in time, the look back will find it’s humor.  But not now. So, for the next little while, instead of blogging “downward”, I going to try to focus on facts and comparisons and education.  Starting today.

For years, I’ve been asked, “does he wander?”  I would always answer, “What do you mean?”  “Away?”  “No, he doesn’t wander away.”   Last week, while visiting one of the celestial facilities, I met Lo Lo.   I say that tongue in cheek...because these facilities all look like purgatory to me.  Places where the spiritual beings are waiting for their final home.  Hmm.  Maybe that’s why they wander...maybe they are anxious.  Anyway,  I was being shown the bedrooms, dining rooms, nurseries, activity centers, etc, when Lo Lo walked up.  She said, “I’m trying to go home.”  With her softened light blue eyes, she looked straight into mine and asked, “Would you help me?”  The aide, said, “Hello, Lo Lo.  Come with us?”  Then turned to me and asked if I minded.  I watched as Lo Lo “wandered” along with us, following the aide within 3 feet, in and out of each room.  She even turned to me and said, “I think I’ll just follow you.”  So, we both took her hand on each side and she “toured” with us.  I learned all about this precious and stately woman.  She had once been a high society corporate woman in New York.  What a transformation!  I wondered if she was a ruthless, go getter, or if she was a gentle lamb like she is now.

Anyway, as I watched her wander, I began to notice all the others wandering.  They would just walk from room to room, up and down hallways, sit for a while, then get up again and walk a little more.  Then, it hit me.  This is what Jerry does.  Up and down our stairs, in and out of my studio and onto the porch.  He is wandering.  I get it!  No, he doesn’t wander “away”, he wanders “around”.  (around me, mostly.  Ha!)

The blinders came off.  He’s like  Lo Lo.

The wandering is what these folks do when they are not engaged.  However, they can’t be engaged in an activity on a nonstop basis.  But, even if they’ve been in a room of music or card playing, when the music stops....they wander.

Speaking of wandering.  My wandering is here now and I must go “engage”.  Off to the showers.